Fork/Shock Service


Our standard service includes the the careful disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and repair of your fork or shock. This is a service that should be performed regularly to keep your components fresh and working as intended. This service includes any repairs, part installs, or works modifications.

Suspension Revalve


This option includes all the benefits of our standard service but with a setup custom tailored to your needs. We make corrections to the factory design to get your suspension working properly. Once corrected we custom tailor the valving to suit your ability, terrain, speed, and use.

Suspension Lowering

$50 - $120

Lowering your bike can be a substantial upgrade in comfort. Many kits fail to lower properly or will delete a certain function of a fork/shock. AMP takes special care to ensure proper balance, fit, and function.


To make things simple and easy, we charge a flat rate on our services. All of our service pricing includes high quality oil and moisture free nitrogen.


Ready?  Simply fill out the rider information form and:

  1. Send the form to aaron@allmotoperformance.com to ensure a quick turn around and part availability. 

  2. Prepare your suspension for shipping and include the printed form. 

  3. Send it to the address provided on the form!


Get the conversation flowing before committing to a full send.


Let's get things flowing before committing to a full send!  When ready, we'll ask for your Rider Info Form.


About All Moto Performance

Specializing in dirt bike suspension, we offer products and custom tailored services to help you get the most performance, comfort, and longevity from your bike, no matter what your riding style, ability, or terrain.

We have experience in working with all major suspension and dirt bike manufactures, such as Beta, KTM, Yamaha, Honda, and more.

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